Monday, November 2, 2009

a winner

Today has been a sleepy, restful day. Catching up after the long long weekend (and the weeks of prep before hand). I'll get back to proper work tomorrow (and sorting out paperwork, too). But today was a family day. 
I'm just popping in to announce the winner of our follower draw. For those of you who follow our  other blogs  as well (Craft Laboratory and Petalplum), you've received multiple entries. {And Gina, we love blog stalkers}.

So, after counting numbers and inputing into random org (no hat pulling today), we've come up with:

# 108 is Caroline from Maika Creations.
Caroline not only follows our three blogs, she also popped in and saw us on the weekend. Thanks heaps - I love seeing blog friend faces (even though I'm generally terrible at remembering your name and working out where I know you from! Please forgive me if my memory fails...). 
Please email us with your postage details, and we'll sent a little something out to you.

We are going to be doing bi-monthly follower draws from now on, so don't be shy - be a blog stalker (the nicest sort please!).

*Pear fabric photo was taken by Mark Lobo at the Finders Keepers on the weekend. A really friendly  and very talented guy, with a great eye. We'll have more photos later (or tomorrow), with a Finders Keepers wrap-up.

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  1. Hi Ladies - thanks so much for the giveaway package, it's contents and heartwarming presentation were more than I would ever have expected and gave me a real boost last week during the last week of my teaching prac. Now that I am a lady of leisure for the rest of the year I look forward to time to create a little something with your goodies. Thanks again!


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