Wednesday, November 4, 2009

we were found; and they kept

Finders Keepers Brisbane is over. And what fun fun fun we had.
After a busy few weeks, and late nights/early mornings, we were ready. Well, ready as we could ever be!
It was really nice to have a few quiet hours setting up our stall. Most markets are rush rush at 8am. So, Finders Keepers was a good change.
When the doors officially opened at mid-day, the quiet ended. The mad rush lasted for a few hours. Danielle behind our stall talking and packing fabric into bags. Me out front talking and making badges and mirrors. I looked up and saw lines of people; everyone happily waiting their turn to feel our beautiful fabric or make a badge or talk about our patterns.
One lady told me her husband had been pushed out of the line. He didn't have those shopping elbows poked out far enough, and was taking up space! He happily waited until he could get a look in.
We met some fantastic people, had excellent conversations and totally enjoyed ourselves. Thank you to everyone who stopped by; for our friends, blog followers, BrisStyle gals, and our new Selvedge House friends. Talking about fabric and screen printing and our new shop will never get boring, especially when there are so many other interested and excited peeps out there.

Big big big thanks must go to my sister, Sylve, who came along on Saturday to help us out. Not only did she stay until the end (a very late and quiet 9pm), she also brought the best picnic lunch snacks to keep us going the whole day. {Sylve, you really should consider starting a catering business}. We had laughs and fun, the three of us working together.

And to Erin, a new friend, who we expect to spend much time and collaboration with, once Selvedge House is open. How excellent to meet someone and straight away be able to chat about similar things, and to know they just "get you" in that way. And, also, to have someone be able to jump behind the selling table and get it right without any assistance. (I used to be a retail manager, and spent many years training and working with other people + their incompetency.)

We'll try and bring you some more market wrap-up over the next few days. So many other wonderful creatives sharing the space with us. And such a beautiful location.
Can't wait until the next FK!

*Photo of us three girls is from Mark Lobo - who was the official Finders Keepers photographer. Check his site for more great pics.

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  1. Wow, your store did look amazing, i only just saw in the photo and put two and two together about Selvedge House...(I couldn't get close enoughon the day!) Congrats girls... it will be loverly to watch and share what's happening in your creative corners.


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