Friday, October 30, 2009

mirror mania

Our special parcel arrived on Wednesday afternoon. A friendly delivery man, offering to carry the heavy box for me. An excited step in my walk as I carried it back down the path.
None of you even ventured a guess at our surprise parcel. No more clues, here it is!

A button :: mirror :: badge making machine!

We've been having fun, and trying to restrain ourselves from using all the mirror pieces and badge backs.  Everyone loves this - the kids, Sam, Danielle + me, as well as interested friends who have dropped by. Once you hold that little red lever and see your first completed mirror/badge, you're pretty much hooked. I think I could easily do that part of the making most all day. A tingly fun when you lift it up to see your creation.

And you know what. We're handing it over to you, to have some fun as well. We'll have our machine at the Finders Keepers this weekend, so you can come along and make your own!
We're cutting stacks and piles of fabric circles today, so you can choose your own - so many different colours and lots of sweet little animals.

As an added bonus - when you spend $40 or more, mention this blog and you can make a mirror or badge for free!
We'll also have some really cute stamping fun - so come and try that out too.
Can't wait to see you tomorrow. Only one more sleep (if I manage to get any at all..........).


  1. Wow how cool! This certainly brings back happy memories from many moons ago working on the badge making stall at the school fete and thinking I was so cool with a million badges stuck to everything I owned ;)

    We will definitley be along to give that magic red lever a go on the weekend, see you there

    Bel x

  2. How exciting, I've often thought about badge-making. Was the machine very expensive?

  3. Wishing you guys a very fruitful badge day and successful day selling your fab wares at Finders Keepers tomorrow!

  4. What a great aquisition.
    If I may ask, where did you get it from?
    Andi :-)

  5. Was great to meet you too Ellie!

    I love the Willy Wagtail fabris you have. Did you make them into mirrors??? I would love to buy one.

    x Mishy


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