Wednesday, November 4, 2009

other Finders Keepers creatives

We were joined, this weekend past, by many many wonderful designers and artists, and crafters and potters, and jewellers and sewers and...... makers of all things. What is it, do we call these people.
What am I? an artist? a designer? a sewer or seamtress? a printer? and maker? or... well, a creative. What fits best with you?
Across from our stall were our friends Kim and Renee. We know these two talented gals from our Boutique market stalls and other gatherings.
I spent the whole weekend spying Kim's beautiful pieces. Her new necklaces, made from the finest of porcelain with crocheted strands. And the most vividly perfect pinky-sort-of-coloured bowl {like the pink inside a shell, at my grandmas house} - that I knew I should have bought as soon as my eyes spotted it - it was gone not so many moments later! Kim uses doileys to impress onto her clay work, and makes simple and stunning shapes. And soft colours. Colours that your eyes want to look at over and over again. Almost like sugared almonds.

Renee's artwork captures detail and subtleties of nature and wildlife. I particularly love her scratchboard pieces; I enjoy seeing how she perfectly captures those sweet little animals with their puffed up wings, or sleepy heads. She notices little things, and is inspired by her surroundings.
We have some of her sleeping bilbys, which the kids love.


  1. hi there, just thought you may like to know I've put some nice piccies of your work in my blog. hope you did well at the markets. =) PS - lovely hippo!

    cheers tracy

  2. Hello lovely ladies ~ thanks so much for your very kind words. It was so great to share last weekend's fabulous experience with you! What great 'neighbours' you are... Couldn't believe how quickly things were selling either! Must tell me which bowl you were after so I can keep one aside :)


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