Wednesday, November 11, 2009

{design} Flower Press

A little while ago, I was the lucky winner of these beautiful tea towels. They arrived in the post just yesterday.

Hand printed by Susie of Flower Press, they have a marvelous feel and look to them. I love the realness and rawness of something made by hand. Not some mass-produced item, but where it has been touched many times by the artisian who dreamed, designed and created it.
Susie uses gocco for some of her (paper) printing, which is something that I'm terribly intrigued by (and must do more research day soon).

Her tea towels are hand screen printed onto unbleached linen or cotton, and come in a delicious rainbow of colours.

I must say I'm not jumping in to be washing up with these ones - as I really want to keep them for those extra special times. Thank you Susie for sending me these beautiful pieces.

Head on over to the Flower Press Etsy shop for some more lovely goodness.


  1. That red mary jane print is probably one of my favourites in the entire internet. Seriously. I'd love to make a stamp of it (for my own personal use) someday. You just can't beat those mary janes with the flower detail <3

    Holly xx

  2. Hi Ellie,
    I'm so glad you loved your tea towels, thank you so much for all your kind words :-)
    Holly that is such a great idea about getting a stamp made! I want one too!


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