Thursday, November 19, 2009

lavender love

We've been a tad busy at Chez Selvedge as the silly season is upon us and there are several fabulous markets in December that we're busy preparing for. Lots of 'lavender love' goes out to Kristen Doran for giving us permission to play with her softie patterns (eeek - I hope we've done her proud). Ellie and I have been blown away by how supportive our Aussie network of designers and crafters are! We really are the lucky country!

I've been sourcing some great co-ordinating fabrics for these bunnies (lovely linens) and am trying to make them all a little different. I've also placed some organic lavender in the hands and feet of these little guys so that they smell gorgeous - nice and calm-inducing for kids or a great moth/silverfish repellant for your drawers (Ellie's idea - nice one partner!)! I still have to fill them with stuffing and an extra sprinkling of lavender...but please pop by for a hold and a sniff if you're at one of the X-mas markets in December (psst - look to your right to see when and where).


  1. The bunnies are too cute and won't be (bad) smelly ones.

  2. Love these! Please keep one for me before they sell out...

  3. What a great idea! I love Kristen's pattern and I've made one of those bunnies. Yours are so cute!


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