Monday, October 26, 2009

show us your.... robots

When we sell things at a market stall, we're always curious of where it ends up. What home it goes to. What it gets turned into. What couch or body is adorns. Or whose little hands may cuddle it up.
Just reading through some of the super+multi-talented BrisStylette blogs, I came across Bel's post of her robots.

She bought the Kristen Doran robot panel from us at the Racecourse Rd Street Party market a few weeks back.
She sewed up two robots, for two lucky little boys. And used some of the little-bot bits to applique onto a t-shirt. The spotty star just pops with that robot, doesn't it.

To be honest, if I had a new little one in my hands, like Bel does, I'm quite sure I wouldn't have managed to turn the fabric into anything by now. Check out all the work she's been up, getting ready for the BrisStyle Indie Designer's Market in December.

So, if you've bought something from us - anything at all - we'd love to see photos of it. Either a cushion scattered on your couch, a bag slung across your shoulder, or the fabric sewn into something wonderful (or even sitting in your 'to-do' pile). 

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