Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kristen Doran Design

Kristen Doran is a Sydney based textile designer who started off printing fabrics for the handbags she made for friends. Soon bloggers were requesting to purchase the fabrics and this snowballed into a business in textiles, toys, clothing, accessories and stationary! Her designs are hand printed onto 100% cotton or a linen/cotton blend base cloth.
Kristen's images are printed onto panel size, and are perfectly designed to be made into little softies or usable as bags, cushions or other accessories. Most recently she has introduced fabric meterage; perfect for dresses for little girls and clothing for not-so-little girls. She appeals to boys (and girls) with her robots and drummer boys. Her babushka panels are popular all around, and come in three lovely colourways (we can't decide which one we like best). Her quirky little owl panels are fun, while her bird in a nest makes a beautiful cushion or panel in a quilt.
Kristen blogs about her life as a textile designer and mother at Cheeky Beaks. She showcases new designs as well sharing glimpses of her many crafting skills.


  1. Am I missing something or are those bunnies dead with the crosses for eyes?

    What a great venture, though, looking forward to more from your blog.

  2. Mahaha - they're still smiling though :-D


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