Sunday, October 25, 2009

blog of the week

Some of you no doubt know about one of the sweetest people on the planet. I've been lucky to meet and know Tess through working on Peppermint together. She's the super talented gal you wrote the craft article in Issue 3, amongst so many others.

Discovering Tess's blog and her collection of cats and cookie jars and vintage pretty things, has shown a different side of her than at first glance. Tess is one of those way-cool people who wears the best put-together outfits, a fantastic mix of vintage love. Once you start looking, you see the vintage leather bag with owl detail, and the cute little shoes with cats sewn on (bought from etsy).

Her two tumbler pages are sweet and sugary, fantasy and romantic. A perfect place to visit when life is a bit dull, and you need some happiness and cheering up, and to dream for just one moment longer.

You can find more of Tess over at FourThousand, where she keeps us up to date with all the interesting things that Brisbane has on offer.

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