Thursday, October 29, 2009

not all board shorts and pineapples

In the last days before Finders Keepers, the city's abuzz with excitement about this festival-like designer market.
Danielle, being a new up-and-coming designer, was asked a few questions about her thoughts on this fun event. Go and have a read.
She puts it so perfectly; about Brisbane always feeling like the left-out kid. Well, let's show those other states what a great show we can put on.
Come along to Finders Keepers, ready for some music, food, fun, chatting and of course checking out some* of the best designers in the town.
                “Sometimes Brisbane feels a bit like the kid who gets picked last for a sports team. As we hear all of the wonderful events being organised in Melbourne and Sydney, we want people to sit up and take notice of the talent in the Sunshine State! It’s not all pineapples and board shorts you know!”

Can I tell you though, there'll be a few pears amongst the mix.

A pair of birds, by Girls Made This

and our new 'Pear Shaped' fabric, that I printed yesterday.

And can I tell you, that I don't think I could be more pleased with this new collection. Come along and see for yourselves.

*I say 'some' because I know there wasn't enough space for all the amazing design and talent we see happening around here.
*First two images used with thanks. Click on them, to be taken to webpage.


  1. Oh Ellie the pear print is just perfect. Really really love it. Well done.

  2. Those pears are quite a bit sexy! Very, very nice.

    Best wishes for the weekend Ellie, I'll see you there!!!



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