Wednesday, October 28, 2009

{a few moments with} Danielle from Craft Laboratory

We've decided to start a little section here at Selvedge House called {a few moments with}.

So, please join us in introducing our very own Danielle of Craft Laboratory.
A scientist by day, Danielle dreams of full time crafting (which is where Selvedge House comes into the picture). She spends her spare hours crafting and planning, as well as bike-riding and frisbee-playing. Being a scientist sure does have it's perks - for one, she's very methodical, and also has access to those wonderful lab beakers that are all the rage in home interiors.

A few quick questions. And if you {our readers} have any other questions you'd like to ask Danielle, please don't hesitate to ask away.

Describe yourself in 10 words or less - a creative trapped in a scientist's body.

What's the best/craziest/funnest/silliest/worst thing you've ever made? A bird brooch one friday night, which ended in a 3 hour wait in emergency as i stabbed myself in the hand with my pocket knife...mum wasn't too impressed but it was worth it!

Do you remember what was the first thing you ever crafted/made? Hmm, probably something in Home Economics at school...pillow case I think - oh hang on - no a crocheted worm bookmark - how daggy!

What inspires you in your daily crafting? Colour, texture and fabrics.

What's your favourite word? This week it's 'condiment'

How do you make time for your crafting in your busy life? Work suffers

What's your best 'eco' tip? Hmm, op shopping

Danielle has recently moved into a new home - well a very old house, but new for her. Leaving living on her own, to settling in with flatmates - she's brought a bunny house pet along (see photo above). Coincidentally, the house just so happens to be the exact same one that my best friend used to live in a million years ago, when I was a single gal and we hung out and chatted and cooked and basically were young little things. Don't you love the cycle of life - and living in Brisbane's trendiest inner city suburb!

*all images used with thanks to Danielle. Click on photos to go to particular page.

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