Tuesday, October 27, 2009

iron maidens

You know - I'm not much for ironing. Don't think Danielle is either. Are you? Do you iron your sweet little hankies or your freshly laundered smalls?

The times I do iron are when I'm sewing. For those sewers out there who don't iron, give it a go on your seams and you'll find things stitch a whole lot neater and easier. Give it a go. Just don't blame us if you burn yourselves, ok!
Well both Danielle and I have had our irons out this week, making some little pieces for the Finders Keepers market, in a few short sleeps*.

Do you love red on linen as much as me?
I think the ironing is worth it. These will be lovely, and practical, little pieces.
Do come along and visit us, to see what the ironing fuss is all about.

*the sleeps are extra short for Danielle, who spent a 14hr day yesterday in the lab doing experiments and things. Can you imagine, 14 hours of tedious and accurate work. Us mums can't complain can we - lunch time snacks and bed time stories can be done half-heartedly and not so accurately sometimes!
* ironing image found at winifred and bance.

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  1. It all looks very intriguing! Looking forward to catching up on the weekend! I will be thinking of you having to do all that ironing in this heat!


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