Wednesday, October 21, 2009

a design process

Sam normally does the design work around here - for our fabric as well as all our business cards, logos, etc.
Well, lately he's been focussed on making his skate jewellery and I've been sick of all this computer time, and not so motivated by the sewing machine. The other night, once the kids were fast asleep, and Sam was out getting his car fixed (his mechanic works all hours of the night!), I took up paper and pen. And started work on some drawings that mean something to me.

Slowly working on them over the past few days, and hours. They actually talk to me. You know what I mean?
So, 'the potter's daughter' was born. Well, my mum was a potter. My favourite tea cup. My (now broken) turtle bowl. Alter-style candle holders. As well as a potter, she was a yoga teacher, and a mother. There's other potting, clay influence in my life, too. Other family members (hi Roo, Ian + Annie) all with different styles and techniques. This leads to a deep appreciation and understanding of clay in your hands - and a distinct lack of care for those generic 'made in china' mugs!
Many of my photos from my overseas Greece adventure are of those beautiful vessels that I dream of - the lab who processed the photos assumed me to be an archeology student.

These images are first draft (and badly scanned at that!). Sam will take over now, and 'tidy them up' - as those designers say - ready to be exposed to screen.

And, here's Ari's version of a still life we set up for him with a few pots. He added the flowers from imagination.

I can't wait to see this as a screen print on fabric. What colours can you imagine? White on berry? Deep grey on black? Red on natural?

Tell me, what do you think you'd use this for? Cushions and aprons and bags? Imagine curtains flowing; soft natural hemp/organic cotton flapping in the Spring breeze.

We'll be printing it next week, so come along and see it for yourself at the Finders Keepers market.

And if you're a lover of ceramics, you'll be please to know that Kim Wallace will be showing her beautiful ceramic pieces at Finders Keepers, as will Shannon Garson and Kylie Johnson.
{bring your *pocket money*}!

*photos of pots used with thanks to Andrew Stewart.


  1. Can't wait to see them Ellie...I like the idea of white on berry.


  2. Oh yay what a lovely print that is going to be! Can't wait to see the result, and those base cloths look divine... See you at FK!

  3. Thanks for posting your design process - it's always great to see how someone else does it! I'd go with the berry basecloth - perfect for spring!

  4. I think I'd cover a book with it. Maybe a magazine holder. Would love to see the end result!


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