Saturday, October 3, 2009

{sam messina} sk8 fashion::rainbow allsorts

Hey there,
here's some long awaited photos of the most recently made skateboard jewelley.
Sam's been busy cutting and drilling and sanding and polishing. He excitedly runs upstairs to show me each new piece, as he comes up with a new design shape.
Being a long time skateboarder, Sam knows the feel and shape of a board under his feet and hands. It's inspiring and interesting watching him turn these pieces of broken wood into a new existence. And to watch his mind working on new concepts and ideas and imaginations of what he can produce with his own hands.

Sam Messina is an artist, designer and skateboarder. He's also a dad and a husband. And a whole lot of other things, too, of course. He's been skateboarding for more than 20 years, and drawing for a lot longer than that. He currently has an intense fascination with the Mexican candy skulls and El Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) images, particularly in tattoo art form.

Luckily we had a professional model on hand (my sister) to take these improptu photos. Some fun out-takes over here.

We'll be selling these at the Southbank Young Designer's Market tomorrow, come along and visit us.

*please excuse my tacky "sk8" heading - Sam is still trying to work out the perfect name for this range.


  1. As I've said before - design genius! They look awesome Sam - yes, I'm posting on our own blog - but this is the first time I've seen the bangles!!

  2. Oh my!! I love them!!! of the dead tattoo art hey...I've been getting into a bit of that myself lately :)

    Have a great market day!


  3. Yay Sam! Such a great idea, the buttons/ brooches look particularly ace!
    And I totally share your love of El Dia De Los Muertos. In fact, our cousin recently got a tattoo based on a sugar skull - will intro you when you come down! xx Teegs


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