Wednesday, September 23, 2009

{with thanks}

Danielle, Sam & I would all like to say a great big thanks to each and every on of you who have written to us, left comments, offered us kind words and smiles, who have blogged about us {Kristen, Nicole, Danielle and Audrey & Maude}*, and those who are following us, or have links from your own blog.
It makes us so happy to have this support and thoughtfulness from our crafty peers.
We spent the whole of last week with big smiles on our faces, and warmth in our hearts.

We cannot wait until we find our perfect shop location, and can open the doors to see all your faces.


For those of you who are experiencing this crazy dusty windy that we have happening right along the eastern coast of Australia; I hope you're {safely} enjoying your inside time doing some crafting or other fun little ventures......

*any I've missed, please do let me know.
**please click on bridge/dust photo to be taken to the link.

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