Thursday, September 24, 2009

Finders Keepers Market

we just received news this morning that we do in fact have a spot at the upcoming highly anticipated Finders Keepers Market. It will be the first time Finders Keepers has been to Brisbane, and the talk on the town is of much excitement.

We've seen and heard amazing reports from the Sydney and Melbourne markets in the past, and we know that Brisbane will put on an excellent show.
So, the work starts - well, really work continues as we have two other markets before then.
We'd love thoughts and feedback on what you like best in the Red Seed range, so we know what to focus on making. We're also planning some new designs, so will be printing like mad.

Along with all this, Danielle and I are still visiting buildings looking for our perfect shop. Of course, we both forgot our cameras yesterday when we were at quite an historic though much-too-tumble down place on the other side of town. Rumours of ghosts hiding in the brickwork didn't put us off; it was more like the noisy smoggy traffic rushing past the front door, and the musty smell of potential-trouble in the brickwork!
Any locals out there who may know of an oh-so-just-perfect shop spot for us, please drop us a line.


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  3. YAY! How VERY exciting that you'll be there :)

  4. Congratulations Ellie! I'm so glad you guys got in.


  5. Congrats girls!I wish I could help...Hope someone does!


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