Monday, September 21, 2009

Market 101: Racecourse Rd Street Party

On Sunday, Selvedge House participated in its first market stall in order to gain some exposure and to begin getting the people in Brisbane excited about our dream of opening a place where they can come to for crafting, sewing, printing and meeting people. The Racecourse Rd Street Party in Ascot was huge!
Ellie, Sam and I were up until 3 in the morning the day before preparing fabrics, finishing off skate board jewellry, topstitching kimono bags and drinking lots of tea. Having never participated in a market before, I awoke Sunday morning with a sense of excitement, apprehension and that feeling of "I'm sure I've forgotten something really, really important".

It was so very hot - and we all felt a little bit sticky and like we were slowly melting - like this poor icecream!
As the day progressed it was interesting to note the change in demographic that stopped by - in the morning we had lovely ladies in their Sunday best, by lunchtime that changed to more families and then by the afternoon the groovers, nursing hangovers, had finally rolled out of bed.
We met and spoke to lots of wonderful people and I'm hoping the couple who bought softie kits let us know how they're going...they decided to make it a competition and see who could finish first...I'm not sure who my money's on - they both seemed pretty confident and capable! Just remember to email if you get stuck guys!
Special thanks to the lovely ladies of BrisStyle and to our fabulous stall mates Bec and Jade of Beckybean - who made a very long, very hot day, very very enjoyable! Check out their Crema range of bags, which uses coffee sacks (provide by Brisbane's local boutique coffee roaster, Merlo) combined with new eco fabrics such as hemp and organic cotton, and timber buttons that their Dad handmade.


  1. A fabulous day...It was so nice to see you again...


  2. so glad you had a good day for your first market. Wish we could get there too.


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