Sunday, September 27, 2009

{we love::featured shop} Nook

I've mentioned on my other blog about this beautiful little shop. {love} this perfect collection of handcrafted, thoughtfully chosen items. Michelle has an amazing shop. It's so wonderful to see her supporting other small and handcrafted businesses or hobby-ests.

Walking up the street you see the distinct sign, and are greeted by a verdant vegie garden.

The shop is brimming with items that I want to take home. Let me tell you, I've been in there a handful of times over the past few weeks, and each and every time I've walked out with a new treasure. I find some homewares or handcrafted stores are a bit ho-hum, or they all seem to have the same collection of scented candles.
Michelle's Nook is so so different. I think when you stock a shop with items that you personally love, it's a true reflection of who you are, but Michelle has also looked to what her peers (who are her customers) love, by keeping up with the latest blog trends, crafty happenings and eco-thought process that is (thankfully) becoming more obvious in retail-land.

It feels like you're visiting a friend who has lots of fantastic handcrafted and designery things, and knows how to display them. Fresh flowers, picked from the garden or hanging over the next door fence, gives the place a lived in, loved and real look and feel.
The furniture in the shop has been sourced from local second hand outlets, from street throw-out piles, and from ebay. This shows Michelle's dedication to being an eco shop, as well as further displays her talent for selecting products and displaying them.
Please drop in one day for a little browse. You could do all your gift shopping there at once, or over many weeks; as Michelle keeps her stock updated often with new things arriving regularly.
Nook is also a stockist of Red Seed, so check out our bags, tea towels and (soon) other little pieces.

Nook Shop
19 Browning St, West End, Q, 4101
open Tues-Fri 10am - 5.30pm + Sat 10am - 4pm.

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