Sunday, September 27, 2009

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Just wanted to say thanks to Rebecca (of edward and lilly fabulousness) for her great comments about our new skateboard brooches. {Photos soon, I promise! This one is from Rebecca - thank you.}

Sam's been working so hard (hot, sweaty, wood sawdust) on turning those broken boards into a new life. He currently has his buttons, which I'm loving imagining on all sorts of projects - bags, clothing, cushions. Brooches and necklaces are leading to many other options and endless ideas. Bracelets and belt buckles are in the making, once he sorts out the right tools!

Also, shout-outs of thanks to Michelle from Nook, and the Ink & Spindle girls*. We so love the support we're getting from all you crafty peeps out there.

*thanks, Teegs, for calling me the nicest crafty girl around. Not sure I am, but I'll try and do my best to live up to it.......
*thank you Steph for the use of your lovely skateboard button photo (from BrisStyle July market) - I love that even though I don't manage to remember to take photos, there are some of you out there who do.


  1. These look fab so many wonderful colours you 2 make a great pair...keep up the artist talent...Can't wait to make my first purchase...xxoo Chicuff by Daneve..

  2. Love these Ellie, if the interest you were getting in the buttons at the Young Designers Market that time i was there is anything to go by they are going to be a hit! Good Luck!


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