Friday, September 18, 2009

{Of Paper and Thread} fabric

Danielle Smeets is a West Australian textile artist who started Of Paper and Thread in 2007 by printing her designs in her backyard shed. Danielle has been working on her textiles full time since 2008. Each design only makes it to print if it's something that she herself would want to purchase, a dedication and honesty that is often seen in small handcrafted businesses.

Danielle is inspired by the nature and architecture around her, always taking a camera on her outings. Her designs have a timeless and classic feel, yet are modern and very versatile, with a delicious colour pallet of cherry, rust, sunny yellow, aqua and bamboo green. The images are hand printed onto textural fabrics such as linen/cotton or hemp/cotton blended base cloths and  printed using solvent-free inks. Each colour-way is produced in small batches so they are a limited edition.

Her blog is a visual feast of colour, design and some excellent links, as well as new designs.

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