Thursday, September 17, 2009

in the post today

Here's a little snippet of some of the loveliness that the delivery man brought us today. We all get so excited when we hear the gate squeak, and someone is knocking at our door.
Fabric fat 1/4s and meterage from the Inkies*.
And some Pippijo meterage. I love the texture of her fabric. I do believe those water hens are my most favourite of all designs ever. Sweet water hen memories from my mum, who called them Pukeko from her time living in NZ.
I also made some babushka's from Kristen Dorans fabric panels. The kids and I had a lot of fun with these sweet little ones.

* Ink & Spindle.


  1. Ellie, this is so so so exciting. I am excited to follow this crazy wonderful journey. Hope you find a space really really soon!

  2. wow this blogging stuff is crazy there is so much amazing stuff out there. however these fabrics are mouth watering


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