Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fabric News :: Heather Ross

Just popping in quickly to let you all know that Heather Ross has had some of her sweet old season fabrics reprinted.
Some of you may know that what generally happens with larger fabric printers is that once a fabric is sold out it isn't normally reprinted. Meaning that if you really love it when you first see it, buy up big. 
I'm sure that many (all) of you have heard of the quirky, fun, sweet fabrics by Heather Ross. If you haven't yet heard about her, do pop over and have a look at her blog. I so love the hand drawn blog headers she uses. This same wonderful, whimsical drawing style is used in her fabric collections. 

The first range of reprints is now available through Spoonflower. {A USA based company who will professionally print anyone's fabric designs. By anyone's I mean; email in your own designs - hand drawn, computer made, whatever - and they'll digitally print it onto the fabric of your choice. They even have organic fabrics.}
So, pop on over and have a look at these wonderful gnomes and sweet little florals. Keep yourself updated here for the arrival of the next (re)print range. 

*Unfortunately, due to Spoonflower being a USA site, the costs are at the higher end.
*The difference between hand screen printed fabrics and digitally printed fabrics will be explained in depth in a later post. But basically pretty much all the commercial fabrics on the market (most American Quilting cottons) are digitally printed.

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