Tuesday, December 29, 2009

sweet little things at markets

These are the wonderful things that happen during market day.
Just watching little people wanting to touch and play with our fabric and our {softie}friends. It's so perfectly amazing seeing the games they play and their thought processes. And watching their parents watch them.

These special little owl friends were made for us by a dear dear friend of mine. They're made from hemp, linen, reclaimed scraps, and some are filled with organic Australian grown lavender.
She made some sweet elephants and little birds as well - most which went to new homes for Christmas.

This scene was at our market stall at the Southbank Young Designer's Market, on December 6th.
Just so you know, we won't be at any markets during January - as we're taking some time off from markets while we work on opening our shop. More news about that later......


  1. How exciting, does that mean you've found premises? Do tell! :-)

  2. You all need to stop teasing me with details of your shop! I need to know more and more details so I know when I can fly up, heheh ;)

    Holly xx

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