Thursday, October 8, 2009

we've been featured on....

Just wanted to say a big thank you to the Boutique Markets for featuring Selvedge House on their blog.

Nicole from bits of toffee, who writes a regular Wednesday post on the BM blog,  wrote a lovely little piece about our new skateboard bracelets.

I've really been loving wearing my bracelets, since Sam started making them. Of course, I get all the prototypes!
We were out at the Mt Cootha Botanical Gardens this morning, dropping stock off for a fashion event out there next week (more news on this later), and I was very flattered to be asked by the friendly and helpful desk attendant (a man, I might point out - hello, if you visit us here), what my necklace was made of. Of course, I happily told him all about it! And also told him all about the markets where he can find us (and all the rest of you talented folk).

So, we'll see you all at the beautiful Portside on Sunday, for the lovely Boutique Markets 8am - 1pm. And, for those of you who have never met the elusive Sam (who normally works at his skateshop job on the weekends) - he'll be there this Sunday. So, come along and say hello.

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  1. Hi to all at the Selvedge House, it was great to catch up with you again Danielle and to meet Sam. Good luck with tracking down the perfect premises!


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