Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Another week, another building

This week's search for a location for Selvedge House took us to an amazing old Good Year tyre factory in Woollongabba (yes, opposite The Gabba sporting ground). There are three levels in this building - ground is already leased and beginning a massive refurbishment, the middle level used to be a dance studio and the top level has had the least amount of work done but is the most charismatic (brickwork patterns on the walls and around the windows are fantastic).

Middle level:

Upper level:

Lovely spaces, natural lighting, wooden floors, exposed brick walls, no air conditioning, a million stairs to climb and parking is a problem, street access is yuk, game days at The Gabba would making access for people a nightmare...Hmm, I realise I sound like those two grumpy old men from The Muppets - Statler and Waldorf.

While the inside is really workable and perfect - being high up also causes it's own issues with getting stock etc up easily, no hope for wheelchair access (no lifts) and parking, parking, parking - grrr.


  1. Oh I think this is the place where my brother was going to open a cafe...the lower level I think..if it is the same place it has so much character to it I love all the levels to it.. Yes the only downer is the parking and the stairs..

  2. That is an amazing building girls, I did a short jewelelry course with Matt Dwyer when he had his studio there. The building has a lot of characacter but YES those stairs are a killer!

  3. Wow, amazing. I've always wondered what the inside was like.
    I hope you find something soon :)

  4. OMG it's amazing!!! Pity about the parking and stairs.
    I mentioned little place to Ellie on sunday. It's not too far from this property, however this is a little old character building that has direct street access. It caught my eye driving past on the way to SBYD Sun morn. It is on either Elfin or Lisburn streets on the left hand (its a one way). Sorry I couldn't get any more specs on it. It may or may not be appropriate??
    Let me know how you go!!

  5. What a looks fantastic!

  6. WOW! Thanks for dropping me a comment about this building. It's unreal to see inside it!

    How are you going with your hunt? There is a huge space for lease on Warry Street in the Valley - but I think rent is pretty expensive.

  7. Have just been having fun lurking on your blog (I really should have made myself a cup ot tea first). I love this space and actually, long ago in my students days, this was where I held one of my first exhibitions!

    Bummer it won't work for you, you're right, not great in terms of access.


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