Thursday, October 15, 2009


We've loved all the support and kind wishes and lovely words. We so appreciate your sweet comments - new mail in our inbox makes us happy.
Danielle and I have decided that we want to say a little thanks to those of you who are following our blogs. So, on the 2nd November we will choose a winner from our followers list. You can be a follower of the Selvedge House blog, or either of our personal blogs; Craft Laboratory or Petalplum.

So, jump in and follow our stories. If you've never visited Danielle, do please go and look now. Ms Science has some fun, inspiring and interesting posts about crafty experiments and adventures with a fantastic science{geek*} attitude. I love her craft crush posts.

And I blog at Petalplum. A place where I babble about life, kids, inspiration and well.... 'craft' and other stuff.

*totally the nicest and trendiest geek ever, I promise!


  1. Who drew that gorgeous picture of Danielle and her parasol? It is so darn cute! How goes the real estate hunting, have you found a shop yet? I can't wait to see you gals all set up. :-)

  2. Okay, no need to answer the drawing question, I just visited Danielle's and found the answer. :-)

  3. Some of us stalk you on all three blogs :-)


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