Tuesday, September 29, 2009

the search continues

We've been spending a fair bit of time looking at different locations, searching the internet and driving the streets. All to find our perfect shop location. Our ideas are getting more solid, in what we want, each time we see something that's not quite right. Though, we're starting to wonder if in fact we're being too picky - is that possible! Not at all.......
Anyway, I took a few photos the other day of a beautiful looking place, while driving to pick up the kids after Brown Owls get together.
Light and airy, with space and parking (which has so far been an elusive necessity). Lovely timber windows and balconies, and views of the river across the busy road. All photos taken from outside on a bright glary day - so not excellent, but you get the idea.

Of course, upon ringing the real estate you find out all sorts of other things about the place, that means it doesn't really fit into our wish list {or more accurately our budget!}.
Oh, the search continues. Going to look at another place this week, and one next week too. Please do let us know if you spot anything interesting looking, on your journeys.


  1. I hope you find a nice suitable place soon 8-)

  2. I'm very excited about SELVEDGE HOUSE. I hope you find somewhere soon, I can't wait to see it in action :)


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