Tuesday, September 29, 2009

{fabric love} Betz White organic

I'm sure most of you have heard of Betz White, or at least seen her new book, Sewing Green. I haven't yet read her book, but it's on my wishlist, so we'll talk about that another time.

Well, anyway - Betz has a new beautiful range of fabrics that she has recently released. Her "Family Cottage" range is nostalgic of a Summer childhood down by the lake, with hammocks, and picnics in fields of wildflowers. Best of all, it's printed onto an organic cotton / hemp blend in a canvas weight (14oz). The fabric can be used for homewares (cushions, table runners), bags, purses... in fact it's quite endless is the possibilities. We use a similar fabric for our Red Seed range, and I love sewing with it - has such a satisfying feel under the sewing machine, and is also really lovely using for embroidery. I can imagine that beautiful flower design, which reminds me of strawberry flowers, being embellished with some embroidered stitches.

After much procrastination**, I'm heading over to order some now. I love great design, that is crisp, clean, bright, fun, cheerful and....best of all.... organic.

*photos used with thanks from Betz White. Click on each photo to be taken to original source.
**trying to keep my fabric stash under control - well, we all know it's not worth bothering to control is it!


  1. These fabrics are gorgeous aren't they! I think of all the wonderful things that could be made with it... then I wonder where these wonderful things could sit on my (rather long) to do list. Not to mention the stash issue. A girl can dream though, thanks for highlighting this gorgeous range.


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