Monday, March 1, 2010

Dear Friends - the news

Good Morning Dear Followers, Readers, Friends, Supporters, Fellow-Crafters,

Thank you all so much for hanging in here, while we've been basically absent from this little blog of ours. We've both been posting over at our individual blogs, if you'd like to visit there to see what's been happening of late. Craft Laboratory. Petalplum. You may notice, from reading our blogs, that there is a similar theme running through them. The theme of us both feeling a little lost, and unsure of where we're up to, where life is taking us.....

The reason for this is that late last year we both had quite exciting and pretty real plans for where we would be right now. If all had gone to plan we would currently be in our new shop, sewing or printing or fondling lovely lovely fabric, and talking with sweet crafting friends.

Things don't always go to plan, though, do they. Life in general rarely goes to plan. It doesn't matter how many hours, weeks, months you've planned and dreamed and set your heart on something. Things slip and change and we have to move with that, rather than the looking back and longing and wishing. 

What I'm getting to, in a very long winded manner!, is that our lovely little modern crafting shop will not be going ahead as planned (at this time..... a girl can dream, can't she). Our lives have lead us to realise that we weren't both in the same place of readiness to sign on the dotted line together. Committing to a $50,000+ a year (for 3years) lease is a big thing to step into.

We are both devastatingly sad about this decision. Having got to the planning stage of choosing wall colours, and couches for our entrance way, and drawing up how our sewing room and fabric shop would look, and then to have to stop. But sometimes you have to stop in life. And, things move forward, or sideways, and things change and you start doing something else....

So - please do stay tuned for more details on what Danielle and I are up to. While the bricks & mortar shop isn't happening (at this stage.... I'll keep telling myself that), we both have things simmering away, slowly progressing onto the next point in our creative lives. We'll also be spending a bit of time updating our online shop, as we have some lovely fabrics, patterns and other little pieces that we want to share with you.

Danielle has so many things, she simply has to just decide which direction to turn to. 
For myself, after I get home from my New Zealand workshop, I'll be jumping into my new collection. This will be a change from our previous Red Seed Studio range, and I'll be announcing it here. 

We both thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the support and friendship and excitement we have received about our Selvedge House shop. We look forward to seeing you all around blogland, somewhere or other!
xxxx E + D


  1. I think sometimes stepping away from a dream, even temporarily, takes more guts than going ahead. I'm sorry you can't take the plunge at the moment but I suspect that when you do it'll be a raging success because you'll be doing it at the right time.

  2. A very close friend reminded me recently of a quote from one of the Beatles lyrics; "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans." It's all too true isn't it and sadly not everything goes as planned ~ or more recently, nothing seems to. I guess we just roll with the punches and hope that an even better opportunity might come along instead! Best of luck to both of you, whichever direction you decide to go in :)

  3. Wishing you lots of luck with whatever comes your way!!
    Andi :-)

  4. Timing is everything. It will happen one day.

    Stay true

  5. Well done for being brave and letting a dream go when you could see it was going to be too costly (both financially and otherwise...). May other, even better, more creative and more fulfilling dreams, come swiftly for you both!

  6. Thanks for filling us in - I know it must have been hard to write this post. It's corny but true - one door may be on it's way to closing, but other doors and windows will open at the same time. Best wishes to you both. I'm sure we'll be seeing you both around. Nic xx

  7. Truly, it is sometimes scarier to put a halt to a plan than to carry it forward hoping for the best. There's a fear (I hear it in your "voice") that you may not ever get to that place you dream of. But you are doing the smart thing!!! Be ready, have your foundation built solid first - then the sky's the limit!!! *hugs* to you both!

  8. Things keep coming up in our lives to teach us something we have not learnt look at the lesson with love not fear brings the rewards that we are here for...

  9. Hey beautiful women!, so inspiring and touching to read your honest account of what's going on. Lots of love and support to you both. Undoubtably a step in your adventures of creativity... to unfold as life does, to the next place of inspiration.

  10. Oh Ellie, that so sad. But your amazing attitude reminds me of this Bruce Lee quote (and yes, I admit I'm a bit of a b-grade kung fu movie fan :P):

    “Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind.”

    You're an adaptable and inspiring person, and I'm really looking forward to seeing what you do next. XXX Bec


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