Wednesday, December 9, 2009

GOMA Twilight Market

We can't wait for Friday night, when the grassy section outside the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) shop will come alive with fairy lights, market stalls and the clinking of glasses at the outdoor (cash only) bar. 
Do come along and experience a beautiful night of shopping, just in time for Christmas. We'll be joined by many other wonderful and talented craftspeople.

Remember also, that the APT has just recently opened, so make some time to visit the Gallery before the markets start.

More screen printing tomorrow, to replace all that sold at our markets last weekend. And more packing and labeling and folding of fabric (which we love doing).


  1. I love your packaging... I've bn trying to figure out something to do with my handmade things... some of which get folded to ship. Something like this would be nice. (different of course, but inspired by...)

  2. I'm enjoying the new Selvedge House blog, dahhhlink. Will you be posting some delish photos of your fabric journey thru India? Please say yes. Missing you this holiday. xoxo


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