Sunday, November 29, 2009

chook shed retreat

This week Ellie and I were lucky enough to spend a few mornings printing at a good friend's place to make use of her big tables and the beauty and quietness of the Australian bush. Libby Woodham is the artist/creator behind Tropical Merino clothing (more about Libby soon), and she resides at a fantabulous converted chook shed on about 20 acres of bushland at Mt Cotton in Brisbane.

Instructions on how to get there - drive down dirt road about 7km...keep going until you go over the dry creek bed, chook shed is on the left...

This place is an artist's retreat, full of massive canvases, shelves full of books, a sewing area, a painting area, big tables to drink tea around and a marvelous permaculture garden...jealous much? Oui!

We also had our lovely friend Erin join us (after having to teach the Sat-Nav who's boss), and we spent blissful hours absorbed in printing...

...having a spot of tea...

...and then Danielle screams because she accidently disturbs a huntsman spider - no - I am definitely more scared of them than they are of me! My favourite moment was seeing Erin's top after a few hours of printing - we're very proud (she assures us it was old)!

Come say hello and check out what we printed (and buy handmade for Christmas) at the Bris-Style and the Southbank Young Designer Markets this coming weekend!


  1. Yah yah yah. I love your photos. So beautifully captured!

  2. Looks like you had a fabulous time, what a gorgeous set up. I'm extremely jealous! :-)

  3. Love the last print of your logo - just perfect! But I am adding the pears to my list for Santa for Christmas - just gorgeous!



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